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What are you packing?
Let's eat
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23rd-Apr-2007 03:40 pm - Sweets & Spicy Laptop Bento
Eat Me
I'm just now getting around to posting the contents for this bento I posted in April. I remember hub's telling me he really enjoyed the braised pork chops. The man has such a sweet tooth so that's why there's alot of sweets that went with this bento.

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18th-Apr-2007 10:22 pm - Mid-week Laptop Bento
Hawaiian Girl
I think I'm kinda in a slump with bento-ing or maybe alittle disheartened because of the discussion in the bentolunches community. I'm feeling in-adequate to be posting within the community right now, so I'll just be posting here for now.

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13th-Apr-2007 11:12 pm - TGIF Bento
Bee Happy
Friday is finally here! Today's bento was made possible because of my handy dandy ♥ crockpot. ♥

Hub's bento:

Hub's contents:
- Chicken thigh cooked(crockpot) in stewed tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, garlic, bell pepper and salt & pepper(top left)
- Asparagus Stir-fry, hub's really enjoying it so per his request I made more(top right)
- Vermicelli tossed with lots of garlic, alittle pasley and olive oil(bottom left)
- Chile & Lime infused almonds

- banana(not pictured)
- Crystal Geyser water(not pictured)

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12th-Apr-2007 11:38 am - Brekkie Bento
Eat Me
Breakfast for lunch or breakfast for supper it's always a welcome to have at anytime.

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11th-Apr-2007 10:09 pm - Bring on the chicken sammie bento
Squeeze Me
I kept today's bento pretty simple; chicken sammie cut in half. Happy Hump Day!

Closeup of Chicken sammie:

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10th-Apr-2007 07:55 pm - Garlic Galore Bento & Recipes
Poke Me
Today bento was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! We just love garlic at our house and our house was filled with the wonderful aroma of garlic and chicken cooking in my well used crockpot.

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9th-Apr-2007 02:52 pm - Blue Bento Special
Well first I want to say, I hope everyone had a great weekend and that their Easter was a good one. My Easter with my family was good! Whooo hooo, last week after much, much waiting... I finally got my blue dragonful bento! It only took a month and a half, but I finally got it. What I really like about my new dragonfly bento it came as an actually set. It came with the two tier bento, matching bento belt, matching bento bag and matching fork with case.

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4th-Apr-2007 02:31 pm - Keeping it simple
Bee Happy
I haven't posted much the past week or so... been busy taking care of other things. This bento's pretty simple and I was alittle rushed when I took the pictures so my apologizes for the rough picture quality and lighting. Happy Wednesday everyone; have a great day! 8D

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28th-Mar-2007 09:34 pm - Bringing It Back Bento
Aloha Kitty
Bringing some comfort food into the mix after starting off the week horribly. The weather here is beautiful so not much to complain about. Happy Hump day to everyone!

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26th-Mar-2007 07:03 pm - What a day
Eat Me
Unfreakinbelievable..... Aaaaarrrrhhhh..... I know this blog is specifically for my bento-ing/baon, but I just feel so violated!!! Hub's called to tell me that our car got broken into. Well I guess not really broken; broken into because no windows were broken. However, they stole all our Ipod & charger, close to 60 cd's, went into the glove box and took our registration and insurance info that was inside a mini tool kit I kept in the glove compartment. I'm just beyond upset. Other than that I guess everything is ok. No visable damages can be seen; thank goodness for that, but now I don't know what else are we suppose to do? So I'm not chipper about much today. It just sucks big time when something like this happens to you!

Blah bento:

- Pot Roast Melt on grilled sourdough bread with jack cheese, grilled onions and creamy horseradish sauce
- Baked Cheetos
22nd-Mar-2007 07:43 pm - Double Bento Love
Poke Me
For some reason I'm really proud of this bento... especially mine. I think it's because, I THINK, the picture came out nicely. I'm back to using my yellow flower bento and hub's bento is not packed in his laptop bento that he's been favoring the past few days.

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I really am the luckiest woman in the world!!! Yesterday hubs totally surprised me and got me an early Mother's day present! He got me Joss Stone's newest cd, Introducing Joss Stone! He knows I just ♥ her style & voice and so far have her last two cd's. Besides the cd, he got me 2 small bento bags and a patterned bandana to use as a bento wrap.

Hub's Laptop Bento:

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20th-Mar-2007 04:19 pm - Shells & Cheese Laptop Bento
Hawaiian Girl
I made my lickety split Sweetish & Sour Meatballs to go with the Shells & Cheese. Click link for recipe. What's really great about these meatballs is they are perfect for cocktail parties served as Hors d'Oeuvres and they can be cooked in two different ways. Also the combination of the ingredients may first put some ppl off, but it really does meld well together and taste very good!

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19th-Mar-2007 08:59 am - Post St. Paddy's Day Laptop Bento
We had our St. Paddy's day meal a day after the actual day! lol I had planned on making our traditional St. Patrick's Day meal on Saturday, but Uncle Abe & Auntie Joses threw my Tito Andy a last minute welcome party @ Aurea's house. So I saved all the fixin's that hub's bought on Friday. So Sunday morning before we headed out the door for the day, I prepared the corned beef to be cooked in the crockpot! For those that know me, know that I just LOVE, LOVE ♥ crockpot cooked meals. Serously it's a mom's or working person's best friend. If you don't have a crockpot, I HIGHLY recommend getting one. So along with the meat, I threw in baby carrots, chopped red potatoes, onions, garlic, the seasoning packet(that came with the corned beef) and between 1/2 to 1 cup of water. How simple is that?

Dr_Guiness's Latptop Bento:

St. Paddy's Redux Laptop Bento:
- Corned beef, garnished with chives(top left)
- Potato bread roll(top right)
- Colcannon* garnished with chives & extra chopped bacon(bottom left)
- Baby carrots & onions(bottom right)

~Random Info: Dr_Guiness because it's a combination of hubs two favorite drinks; Dr. Pepper and Guiness. It must be that black irish part! :9

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*Colcannon(basically mashed potatoes, sauteed cabbage & onions, cooked bacon and green onions all mixed together, garnished with chives & extra cooked bacon) For recipe click here. Another really great thing about colcannon is that they taste more decadent if you turn them into croquettes. That is if you can even manage to have any leftover. Sadly, there is no colcannon leftover as they are always a big hit for both hubs and kiddo. =(
17th-Mar-2007 02:44 pm - Pamilya
Squeeze Me
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Alright today is about the Irish and whatnot, but what I'm about to post has nothing to do with that, but I still found it amusing and wanted to post. So it's a a quiz on which filipino food are you? This is what I am! :9 Yummy stuff, I am! lol

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I'm thinking this quiz caught my eye cause maybe I was thinking of my roots! :D My mom's oldest brother; the last sibling in the bunch who has yet to, Tito Andy finally ventured his first voyage to the U.S.! My Uncle Abe & Auntie Joses are throwing him a welcome party tonight. The last time I saw Tito Andy was back in '89.
Bee Happy
This week has been kinda hectic; planning for our upcoming trip to SAC. So I haven't posted any bentos for this week except one. Well tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day and I wanted to post a recipe for Colcannon. I actually made a batch yesterday and that batch is gone already. The main ingredient for colcannon is potatoes and cabbage or kale. The batch I made yesterday was made with cabbage.

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13th-Mar-2007 08:14 pm - Italian Sausage Pizza Laptop Bento
Eat Me
Nothing special about this bento other than it was a rushed bento.

Latptop Bento contents:
- Salad consisting of romaine lettuce, red onions, bell peppers, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, pepperchini(top left)
- small container of Italian dressing(top right)
- 2 slices of Italian sausage pizza
9th-Mar-2007 09:44 am - Super Snacker Laptop Bento
Aloha Kitty
In step with my "keep it simple" cooking mantra, this laptop lunchbox bento is a super-sized snacker bento.

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8th-Mar-2007 01:11 pm - Lemon Butter Grilled Salmon
Bee Happy
I think it's pretty evident that I'm all for super simple items so today's bento is is just that. I'm not feeling to hot today, so I only packed a bento for hubs.

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7th-Mar-2007 01:47 pm - The Best Dang Poke Chops Ever
Squeeze Me
I had chops thawing in the fridge and wasn't sure what to make of them. So I thought well I haven't made the best dang poke chops in awhile, so I might as well give it a go! These chops are a family fave in our house. Both hubs and kiddo just oogle over them when I make them. Plus while they are cooking, they give the whole house the best aroma of a home-cooked meal. Today's bento is packed for both hubs and hubs co-worker. It's kinda funny to get request from my hub's co-workers how they miss my cooking. Hub's is known to come to work once in awhile bearing food I've made for him to share with everyone varying from homemade lumpia(eggrolls) or southwestern eggrolls, pancit(filipino noodle dish), lasagna, cookies, brownies etc. At the same time it's assuring to be remembered and recognized for my cooking. 8D

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6th-Mar-2007 07:17 pm - Gnocchi Marinara Mozarella
Poke Me
I wanted to make something aittle different and I was looking in the pantry and forgot I had purchased some gnocchi from Trader Joe's. Gnocchi is little dumplings/pasta made from potatoes and flour. So today's bento was super simple as all you need to do with gnocchi is throw it in boiling water and then toss the cooked gnocchi in any sauce you want. I tossed the gnocchi in marinara sauce and bits of mozzarella.

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5th-Mar-2007 06:23 pm - Introducing Yellow Bento
Bee Happy
So last week I got one of my brand new bento's in the mail!! Whooo hoo! It's the oval yellow flower bento! I had been admiring many different bentos since I got into this whole bento thing and I'm excited to add this yellow one to my growing collection.

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Bee Happy
I'm still getting over this crud I got from hubs and slowly but surely I'm getting better. Whooo hooo was a nice surprise and I got a new bento I purchased from ebay in the mail! It's the yellow flower bento box! I'm sure y'all know which one I'm talking about. =) Last night I made Lemon Herb Peppercorn Tilapia for today's bento. Hubs and I snuck in a taste and I can't wait for lunch! =9

Plate full of Lemon Herb Peppercorn Tilapia

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27th-Feb-2007 02:54 pm - Cornmeal crusted Tilapia
Hawaiian Girl
Last night after hubs got off work, I asked him to stop by Albertson's to buy some tilipia fillets that's on sale for $1.99 a pound. That price is really a good deal so we couldn't pass on that. I cooked about one pound last night for dinner and there was plenty of leftover for Tuesday's bento. I've made cornmeal crusted tilapia before only this time instead of dipping the fillets in egg wash, I dipped the fillets in buttermilk. Below is a picture of some of the tilapia I made.

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